Kiosk Features

The Touch Sonic Technologies (TST) Law Library System moves your Corrections Facility Law Library into the 21st Century and the era of electronic delivery of legal research materials.

Our unique kiosk solutions & systems includes a proprietary kiosk hardware design combined with a comprehensive maintenance and service protocol that will allow your Corrections Facility to deliver a fully compliant electronic law library to your inmate population. The key component is the use of a shatter-proof touch screen that allows inmates, even those with no computer experience, to easily access legal data and research materials as mandated by law. In addition, the TST kiosks operate on an isolated secure closed-loop system which prevents ANY internet access.

Consider the following additional advantages:

  • CONTENT UPDATES – FOUR (4) TIMES PER YEAR – Upon release, the publisher’s most recent law research data will be updated on every touch screen kiosk. This ensures that your correctional facility is providing the most accurate and current legal research materials to your inmates, while minimizing the time impact on law librarians.
  • REDUCED PRISONER MOVEMENT/ESCORT EXPENSE – By placing the TST kiosks on-site in high security locations, your correctional facilities will realize a major reduction in costs associated with escorted inmate movement (to and from law libraries) and related supervision.
  • REDUCED ADMINISTRATIVE LIBRARY COSTS – Utilization of a TST kiosk for deployment of an electronic law library will eliminate the administrative costs associated with tracking, handling and accounting for printed law books and update supplements.
  • LAW LIBRARIANS RETURN TO THE JOB INTENDED – The TST Law Library System will allow your facility librarians to return to their most important function: that of effectively guiding inmates in their search for information. The TST system will significantly reduce time spent:
    • Copying legal content from books.
    • Handling law books and supplements.
    • Accounting for law book billings.
  • REDUCED COPY EXPENSE – Reference materials that previously required copying can now be printed in a secure location (controlled by the librarian). At most facilities, the kiosk expense can be dramatically offset by inmate printing fees.

Inmate Facing Technologies

TST Kiosk Hardware can also be configured with the following proprietary inmate facing functionality:

TST Inmate Document Management & Electronic Publication Services – This proprietary self-service technology provides the Corrections Facility the ability to publish an unlimited number of inmate facing documents and pages via TST Kiosk Hardware. TST also offers a proprietary self-service utility that allows the facility to update documents at will.

TST Digital Discovery Functionality – This TST solution provides inmates secure access to discovery documents per court order, including document images, videos and audio recordings in a variety of audio video and media formats