Inmate Facing Technology

TST Kiosk Hardware can also be configured with the following proprietary inmate facing features and functionality including but not limited to:

  • TST Inmate Document Management & Electronic Publication Services – This proprietary self-service technology provides the Corrections Facility the ability to publish an unlimited number of inmate facing documents and pages via TST Kiosk Hardware. TST also offers a proprietary self-service utility that allows the facility to update documents at will.
  • TST Secure Word processing/Spreadsheet Functionality – This solution provides the facility with an ability to offer inmates with exclusive & secure MS Word/Excel applications accessible via a dedicated kiosk, facilitating an inmate’s ability to craft court pleadings, motions and related responses/replies. No access to the internet or other computer applications is provided.
  • TST’s “best of breed” ADA Screen Reader Technologies – TST offers screen reading technology to assist blind, visually impaired and illiterate inmate populations.
  • TST Digital Discovery Functionality – This TST solution provides inmates secure access to discovery documents per court order, including document images, videos and audio recordings in a variety of audio video and media formats
  • TST Secure Inmate Email & Text Messaging Solutions
  • Inmate Grievance and Medical Request Automation