Touch Sonic Technologies (TST) is a division of Touch Legal, Inc. TST is a technology company that specializes in providing kiosk solutions and systems for law libraries in correctional facilities.

The TST Law Library System is a proprietary kiosk hardware design combined with a comprehensive maintenance and service protocol that allows correctional facilities to deliver a fully compliant electronic law library to their inmate population.

The TST Kiosk offers a range of advantages, including four content updates per year, reduced prisoner movement and escort expenses, reduced administrative library costs, and the ability for law librarians to focus on guiding inmates in their search for information. In many cases the inmate printing fees can offset the cost for a TST Kiosk.

TST provides a custom interface with locked down computer access, where the inmate is only allowed to do their legal research without getting access to the other part of the system. The TST Law Library System operates on an isolated secure closed-loop system, which prevents any internet access. It uses a shatter-proof touch screen that allows inmates, even those with no computer experience, to easily access legal data and research materials as mandated by law.

Two-year maintenance and warranty, 24-7 support, quarterly updated law materials, loading of policies and procedures and handbooks at no additional cost, mounting bracket (desk mount or wall mount) and a touch-screen kiosk.

2 year lease agreements are available at $7080.00 per wall mount kiosk ($295.00 per month). Annual renewal for year 3 on, is $2400.00. Agreements can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. The number of units leased is based on the inmate count and requirements of the facility. Volume discount is available.

Yes, TST offers two, three and five-year lease agreements, the cost is $295 per unit per month includes maintenance support, plus law library subscription.

The TST Kiosk is completely locked down with custom interface, internal group policies, modified registry settings and no access to the internet.

None, the TST Kiosk is self-contained.

Enhanced Quad-Core Celeron N5105 CPU, 4 GB RAM, Windows 11 Professional, Custom TST Interface, TST Content Update Utility.

None, just a power outlet is needed for a TST Kiosk.

No. Our TST Kiosk is a truly self-contained solution that requires nothing more than access to electricity. With all the necessary components built in, you won’t need to worry about connecting to any external systems or networks.

Yes. With the server solution it can print at an admin station.

No, but Librarian’s/Admin can charge a fee at a print station.

The TST Kiosk specifications are 18.224” L X 6.279” W X 13.620” H. The Kiosk weighs 27lbs.

If we have the purchased quantity on hand, it would be 5-7 days. For larger quantities it would be 2-3 months.

Regulations state:

  • The United States Constitution guarantees inmates the right to access the courts, and this includes the right to access legal materials.
  • The Supreme Court has ruled that inmates have a right to access legal materials in order to prepare for their own defense, as well as to challenge their conditions of confinement.
  • The Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996 requires prisons and correctional facilities to provide access to legal materials and assistance to inmates pursuing legal actions.
  • The Federal Law requires that prison law libraries must contain a variety of legal materials, including case law, statutes, regulations, and other legal resources.
  • The law also mandates that the materials provided must be current and up-to-date, and that inmates must have the ability to access them without undue difficulty or expense.

With TST’s Law Library System, your facility can comply with federal law while enjoying additional benefits, including reduced costs associated with prisoner movement and administrative library expenses. Our system allows librarians to focus on guiding inmates in their search for information, reducing the time and expense of copying legal content from books

TST’s vendor ensures compliance with federal and state requirements for legal materials, updates are made every 4 months.

No, it is plug and play. TST can provide training if requested.

The TST Kiosk expense can be dramatically offset by inmate printing fees. Additional savings in inmate movements, book purchase costs, reference materials that previously required copying can now be printed in a secure location controlled by the Librarian. Inmates have a streamlined approach to law research online vs scanning though multiple law reference guides.

TST Support Team is available by phone with a 24-7 help line, or next day FedEx shipping label to replace defective Kiosks.

TST has two types of Kiosk solutions.

  • One is standalone, no server required. This solution is perfect for low volume facilities, makes quarterly updates easy and can be moved on a roll cart to the inmates.
  • The second solution is server based and is ideal for facilities where there are more than 5 kiosks. This solution allows a more controlled approach for Librarians/Admin to track and or charge for print requests.