• Allows facilities to comply with State and Federal Constitutional mandates for inmate “access to the courts”
  • Eliminates the cost of traditional “brick and mortar” law library and related equipment/staffing expense
  • Reduces inmate movement to/from traditional library facilities and related transport expense
  • Lowers total cost of providing legal research
  • Ensures uniformity among libraries and materials provided to inmates
  • Reduces prisoner complaints and costly litigation


  • Easy searching for inmate users
  • Kiosks are specifically designed for users with a seventh grade education
  • Inmates are not required to be computer-literate
  • Simple-to-use operating program makes legal research a matter of following on-screen directions
  • No additional staffing requirements
  • Reduced copy expense
  • No Internet access
  • Content updates provided quarterly via proprietary TLI hot swappable harddrives


The kiosks are exclusively designed to deliver legal content via a “hot swappable” bay drive securely accessible within the kiosk enclosure. The “hot swappable” bay drive enclosure are configured to house an electronic hard drive cassette which is easy to install with plug-and-play access via a secure side access door. The administrator merely presses a button to eject the existing EHD and insert a new EHD containing updated content and execute the proprietary TST Content Update Utility.


TST Kiosks are fabricated using damage-resistant and tamper-proof aircraft grade aluminum and are configured with 6mm shatterproof, vandal-resistant touchscreens.


TST provides a 1 Year all-inclusive warranty on all purchased kiosks. TST offers an optional and renewable one (1) year extended maintenance agreement upon warranty expiration.


Yes, TST Kiosks are pre-configured with LexisNexis Folio Software which includes search engine functionality for off-line electronic access to legal research databases.


TST tests and distributes legal content updates on a quarterly basis and/or four times per year.


Stand-alone kiosks can provide print functionality as required. The kiosk must be connected directly to a printer. There is no feature providing staff with ability to review/preview print requests prior to execution. Kiosks can be redeployed via a private or facility network which would provide greater print functionality and controls.


TST provides continuous phone and email support M-F, 9AM to 5PM, Pacific Standard Time.