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Who Is TST?

TST is a leading provider of “inmate facing” touchscreen kiosk solutions to the U.S. corrections market.  TST is currently providing correctional kiosk solutions and computer services nationwide to over 150 correctional facilities and jails nationwide, including but not limited to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (34 facilities statewide) and the NYC DOC Rikers Island Facilities (16 Facilities in 5 NYC Boroughs).

All of our clients are 100% satisfied and completely referenceable.

TST correctional grade kiosk solutions are primarily used for secure access to off‐line and internet based State and Federal law library materials.  TST specializes in delivering law library services to high risk inmates housed in AD SEG Units and Special Housing Units (SHU).  Correctional facilities nationwide use TST’s proprietary “turnkey” law library kiosk solutions to:

  • Comply with State and Federal Constitutional mandates for Inmate Access to Law Library Materials and Resources
  • Eliminate the expense of maintaining a traditional “brick and mortar” law library
  • Reduce inmate movement and related expense
  • Reduce total cost of providing legal research materials
  • Ensure uniformity of library materials provided to inmates
  • Reduce inmate complaints and cost of related litigation

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call 707‐526‐6655.

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