Touch Sonic Technologies

Secure Touch Screen Kiosks

Santa Rosa, CA


Touch Sonic Technologies

TST provides touch screen computer kiosks that deliver compliant electronic law libraries to prisons.

Correctional facilities across the U.S. use TST kiosks to slash the cost of delivering mandated legal research materials.

TST kiosks are “built tough” with a “prisoner proof” touch screen.

Available in Standalone, Mobile or networked Client-Server configurations.

Save additional $$$ by publishing inmate policies on TST Kiosks.

TST Kiosks = Cost Savings

Publish Digitized Inmate
Handbooks on Your Kiosks


  • Drastically Reduce Print Expense
  • Cut Delivery Fees
  • Reduce Storage Expense
  • Cut Distribution Costs
  • Minimize Disposal Expense

TST Delivers  Compliant
Electronic Law Libraries

"SLASH" Law Library Expense

  • Re-deploy Library Floor Space
  • Decentralize Prison Law Library
  • Reduce Inmate Escort Expense
  • Promote Staff & Inmate Safety
  • Electronic Updates - 4 Per Year
No Internet Access = No Inmate Misuse
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